Our Mission

 The mission of Gilmore House is to create a home, an intentional community of single mothers of children with intellectual disabilities ages birth to five.

Gilmore House is a place of intentional, therapeutic and educational community for single mothers and their children with intellectual disabilities in Monmouth County, New Jersey (Asbury Park – Neptune area). Each mother will have an individual plan intended to assist them in a supportive environment through which they can achieve the following:

  • Housing stability
  • Financial stability, including career development
  • Skills and confidence to create a home environment where they and their children can thrive
  • Skills and confidence in advocacy for themselves and their children
  • Overall health and wellness

Each child will have an individual program intended to provide them a supportive environment in which they have access to resources for overall health and disability related services in order to assist them in thriving in their community with an emphasis on educational readiness.

Gilmore House is a place of life and wholeness.

It is to be a place of hospitality and shared responsibility. It is to be home.

The word home evokes emotions ranging from comfort and security to fear and danger. Gilmore House will be a home where the most basic principle is that each person is made in the image of God. Each person is of sacred worth and deserves to be valued.

 Home is a place of welcome, encouragement, shared responsibility and personal growth.

We welcome each other into shared space by making physical room, open conversation and inviting participation in all aspects of our community. We share in decision-making processes. We encourage each other by recognizing achievements, celebrating good news, supporting one another in disappointment and grief. We encourage each other to become the best each of us can be at the time in regard to physical health, education and self-determination. We grow as individuals through self-knowledge and understanding others. We grow in our relationships with our children, recognizing them as the priority in our lives.

 Home is a place where we do not  allow negative forces from the world beyond our door effect the way we interact with each other.

To grow in community and to provide a stable environment we will have daily routines which will include shared healthy meals, prayer/meditation, household chores, mother child bonding/play/reading time and other recreation. We will have regular opportunities for training and development.

Gilmore House, Inc is a New Jersey Nonprofit

And a 501(c) 3 Public Charity