About Us


Gilmore House is to be a place of intentional community for single mothers and their children.

It is to be a place of Spiritual Formation and Community Building. It is to be a place of hospitality and shared responsibility. This community of single mothers sharing housing and resources in order to benefit all in the community. These benefits include affordable housing, furthering education/skills training for mothers to become economically independent and develop a positive self-image.


Gilmore House is a ministry, in the Christian Tradition but open to all persons, in which single mothers have a furnished bedroom to share with their child Gilmore House exists to give each child a healthy home environment in which they can develop their own potential to succeed in education, in the community and in adult life. And to help mothers develop themselves to become strong, competent and independent persons. This will be accomplished through daily rhythms of life – shared meals, prayer, play, household responsibilities and ongoing educational opportunities. Residents will share economic resources for household expenses.             

Housing Provided

Will provide a room for a mother and her child with bathroom and give them access to the rest of the home.      The home with have a shared kitchen and dining area, a play area, a reading/living room (this may also serve as our chapel space depending on the property) and a play area. There will also be an outdoor play area. There may also be a shared household garden.

Contact us at pastorjackieburgess@gilmorehouse.org